The Blue Paradox,
an experience about the future of our oceans
Production Company
SC Johnson
Radical Media
SC Johnson, along with Conservation International, has brought us something special – the Blue Paradox. It's like stepping into a whole new world that shows us how serious the problem of plastic in our oceans is. You can experience it at the famous Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago for many years to come.
Imagine amazing pictures, eye-opening facts, and touching stories – all working together to help make the world better. SC Johnson wants everyone – from companies to governments to regular people – to start doing things to fix the plastic problem in the oceans before it's too late.
In this experience, you'll see digital images all around you, making it feel like you're right under the sea. You'll discover how plastic garbage hurts the ocean and its creatures. And the big idea is to show that businesses, governments, and people can team up to make the world greener.
My role encompassed the intricate development of the exhibition's 3D components. I undertook the task of crafting the visual elements, transforming abstract concepts into a tangible and immersive three-dimensional environment. With a focus on authenticity, we designed the underwater experience to envelop visitors in a profound narrative. This strategic design aimed to facilitate comprehensive learning, evoke emotive responses, and instill a resolute call to action. As you venture through the submerged realm within the exhibition, it is my dedicated effort that endeavors to forge a deep-seated connection with the oceans, fostering an informed commitment toward their safeguarding.
If you want to learn more, check out this link: Blue Paradox Exhibit
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